Our Advising Team


Roland R. Thompson – B.Sc., M.B.A.
NHLPA Certified Agent
Cell: (519) 654-0823

After founding the prestigious Can-Am Hockey School, Roly became an agent in 1982 and has represented hundreds of players professionally in the NHL, AHL and Europe with great distinction since that time.



Andrew J. Maloney – B.Sc., M.B.A., J.D.
NHLPA Certified Agent
Cell: (226) 821-0422

Andrew is licensed to practice law in the United States and Canada. He represents players professionally in the NHL, AHL and Europe as well as advising junior and and collegiate players throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.



Dave Maloney – B.Com.
Representative – Ontario
Cell: (416) 427-2244

Dave was a Junior A Captain and All-Star in the 1990’s prior to attending Acadia University. He represents and advises players in Ontario.



Brian Gill

Brian Gill
Representative – Ontario
Cell: (647) 998-1045

Brian is a graduate of the Brock University Sports Management program and played junior hockey. He represents and advises players in Ontario.




Dean ZaharichukDean Zaharichuk
Representative – Northern Alberta

Dean has coached and scouted at the minor and junior hockey level in Alberta and has two sons who have played at both levels. He helps represent and advise players in Alberta.




Shawn O’Brien
Representative — Atlantic Canada

Shawn has worked for Central Scouting and International Scouting Services in addition to coaching at the minor and junior hockey level in Nova Scotia, where he currently helps represent and advise players.




marian-misik-websiteMarian Misik
Representative — Quebec & Czech Republic / Slovakia

Marian was a general manager in professional hockey in the former Czechoslovakia before moving to Canada where he represents players in Quebec as well as from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.




Dave Warren

Dave Warren
Representative — Southwestern Ontario

Dave has coached and scouted at the junior level for many years including the London Knights. He helps advise and represent players in Southwestern Ontario.




Claude VilgrainClaude Vilgrain
Representative – Southern Alberta
Cell: (403) 830-1129

Claude played four seasons in the National Hockey League with the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia Flyers before finishing his career in Europe. He has coached minor hockey in the Calgary area where he advises and represents players.



Jonathan Ward
Representative — Ottawa/Gatineau Region

Jonathan is a level 3 Hockey Canada official who graduated with a degree in sports management. He helps advise and represent players in the Ottawa/Gatineau region.



Phil Lauderdale
Representative — Northeastern United States

Phil was a goaltender at Ohio State University and currently is licensed to practise law in New York where he helps represent and advise players.




Michael Buehler
Agent — Germany
Cell: (49)(77) 2692-9050

Michael has been a registered German agent since 2000 and previously was the general manager of the Schwenninger Wild Wings of the Deutche Eishockey Liga (DEL)




Sana Hassan
Agent – Germany
Cell: (49)(17) 1726-3724

Sana has been a registered German agent since 1985 and previously played for the Schwenninger Wild Wings of the Deutche Eishockey Liga (DEL)




Sebastiano LoCastro
Representative – Central Europe
Cell: (49)(152)(5406 3805)

Sebastiano was the head scout for Red Bull Academy and coached in German junior for several years and now helps scout and advise players in Central Europe.




Georges Müller
NHLPA Certified Agent
Agent — Switzerland
Cell: (41)(76) 367-1053

Georges is a member of the Swiss Bar Association and a partner in Müller & Paparis in Zurich. He is a member of the Swiss Association of Sports Managers and represents players in the Swiss A League, Swiss B League and the National Hockey League.



Tobbe Kraft
SICO Agent – Sweden
Cell: (46)(70) 588-9749

Tobbe has been a registered Swedish agent (SICO) for over twenty five years during which time he has represented several Swedish players who have played in the National Hockey League and Swedish Hockey League.




TEMPThomas Munck
Representative – Central Sweden
Cell: (46)(70) 588-9749

Thomas has extensive executive experience in the business world as well as junior coaching experience within Swedish minor hockey. He will advise and represent players in Central Sweden.




Raimo Manninen
Agent – Finland
Cell: (358)(40) 530-9392

Raimo is a registered Finnish agent and the founder and distributor of Pro Sharp based out of Helsinki.



Our Development Team

Kory Cooper

Kory Cooper
Goalie Consultant

Kory has coached at the professional and junior level and currently works with various NHL and AHL goalies.




Mike Ellis
Mike Ellis
On-Ice Development Consultant

Mike has coached professionally in Europe and North America and currently provides skills and skating coaching for various NHL and AHL players.




Chris Munford
Off-Ice Development Consultant

A former professional athlete himself (Canadian Football League), Chris lectures and teaches performance coaches and medical practitioners around North America on sports performance and rehab strategies and personally works with high performance athletes in six professional sports.